6 things to know about the elastomeric membrane

Getting your roof coated with a new membrane? You would want to make an informed decision. You might be considering the option of installing an elastomeric membrane, which is one of the most popular roof coatings. These membranes offer several perks that make them a great choice.

Facts about elastomeric membrane coatings that you should know

An elastomeric membrane is one of the best types of coating that you could apply to your roof.  Here are some of the facts regarding elastomeric membranes that you should be aware of:

  • Elastic nature: The composition of an elastomeric membrane makes it elastic. It implies that the membrane can expand or contract due to temperature changes and then return to its original dimensions later. This characteristic is helpful in regions with fluctuating temperatures.
  • Durability: An elastomeric membrane is a good choice because of its strength and durability. With proper coating, these roof coating membranes prove to be resistant to abrasion, impact, and weather elements. Typically, an elastomeric membrane can last up to three decades.
  • Water ponding: Due to its elastic and flexible nature, an elastomeric membrane would take up the shape of the surface on which it lies. Thus, if the surface is not smooth or there are errors while applying the membrane, you might encounter water ponding issues. Hence, it is crucial to have the installation done by experienced professionals.
  • Installation process: There are multiple elastomeric membrane installation, options. For the more conventional type, you need to use a blowtorch to melt the asphalt. Next, you can attach the membrane to the roof. However, modern elastomeric membranes also allow cold application.
  • Waterproofing: One of the factors that add to the weather-resistant nature of elastomeric membranes is that its water resistance. Made from polyurethane, these membranes do not need any additional reinforcement to prevent water and gasses from passing. The waterproofing characteristic helps to protect the roof.
  • Sealant: An elastomeric membrane also acts as a sealant for damaged parts of a roof. In many cases, these membranes find application in the replacement of damaged asphalt roofs. It can effectively seal a leak and stop the damage from worsening.

Is an elastomeric membrane cost-effective?

While applying the coating, you might be wondering whether it is cost-effective. After all, you would not want to end up spending more money than you need to. Thankfully, an elastomeric membrane is a cost-effective solution.

  • You may find an elastomeric membrane at a reasonable price. The top roofing companies do not overcharge for their products.
  • As these membranes last long, you would not have to worry about a replacement any time soon. This is a key benefit as frequent replacements could lead to extremely high expenses in the long run.
  • Due to its strength and durability, an elastomeric membrane does not need repairs or maintenance very often. Even when it does, the costs aren’t usually very high.

Where can you get a high-quality elastomeric membrane?

Finding high-quality roof coating material is often an issue if you do not know a reliable supplier. However, you certainly wouldn’t want to compromise on the protection and durability that a good elastomeric membrane offers. Here is what to look for while searching for a reliable company:

  • Find a reputed roofer that offers installation services too. This way, you wouldn’t have to look for installation services once you purchase the membrane.
  • The company should have a good reputation for its services. It is crucial to have the membrane installed properly and safely.
  • In case the installation would take place over a hospital or any facility where using a blowtorch isn’t viable, the company should be able to provide a cold installation solution.

Putting some time and effort into finding the best roofing company can pay off by granting your roof the protection it needs.

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