What is CEREC technology?

Dental troubles can be painful. The worst nightmare turns out to be true when you need to make multiple visits to the dentists for surgeries. How about making one comprehensive trip to fix all your dental issues? This is why the CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic) technique is gaining popularity all over the world.

In this mechanism, the dentists use advanced computer-aided technology to come up with natural-looking tooth restorations in a matter of minutes. Therefore, you can save time and effort by taking resort to CEREC technology. It would be advisable to reach out to one of the reputed dental care clinics to benefit from the latest treatment methods.

Traditional tooth restoration vs CEREC technology

CEREC has turned out to be a revolution in advanced dentistry treatments. The overall process takes a maximum of two hours. With the traditional processes of restoring teeth, patients had to endure a long process right from preparing the tooth to installing the external component. Besides, the process used to be tedious and uncomfortable for the patients. Sometimes, traditional restorations that are made in laboratories can take weeks.

To understand the difference between traditional tooth restoration methods and CEREC technology, you need to understand how the former works.

  • The dentists need not remove any healthy tooth structure with the CEREC technology. However, this is a necessity in the case of traditional methods.
  • The professionals would use a digital camera to take a picture of your tooth when you go for the CEREC technology. You need not bear the unpleasant process of using a gooey mold to give a tooth impression.
  • In the traditional process, the dentists would use a weak cement to temporarily attach a tooth in the hollow space. This process is not required when you vouch for advanced technologies.
  • For modeling the tooth restoration, experienced dentists would use a CEREC software. Creating a permanent restoration from ceramic would take just a few minutes. You need not send the impression to the lab and wait for a few weeks, like in the traditional process.
  • A single visit would ensure the permanent restoration of your teeth. You need not return to the dental clinic time and again.

What are the benefits of the CEREC technology?

Choosing the CEREC technology for dental restoration brings you benefits beyond saving your time. Here are the common reasons leading to the popularity of this technology.

  1. Better comfort and fit

The CEREC mechanism involves advanced technology for restoring teeth. This ensures better comfort for the patient, as the tooth fits in the oral cavity much better. The advanced technology ensures zero gaps between the teeth. This ensures that there wouldn’t be any bacteria concealing in these spaces. As a result, it mitigates the chances of tooth decay or gum disease.

  1. Metal-free approach

Many patients do not prefer metallic restorations. These restorations often contain toxins, that can prove detrimental to your health. Since the CEREC technology doesn’t involve any metal, it turns out to be a safe approach for restoring teeth.

  1. Get beautiful and durable teeth

CEREC restoration ensures that the gumline would be smooth, and the structure would be healthy. Besides, the restored teeth are more durable and aesthetically appealing as compared to traditional restorations.

CEREC dental restoration services at affordable costs

The experience and expertise of the dentists define their success in deploying the CEREC tooth restoration technologies. Therefore, it would be wise to reach out to an established dental clinic for CEREC teeth restoration services. Trained and certified professionals deploy the most advanced technologies to keep your teeth and gum line in proper functional conditions. It makes sense to trust someone experienced when it comes to something as vital as your oral health.

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