Top Dating Sites for Over 50s Dating People

Online dating is officially a mainstream! It is no longer seen as an activity just for the very young or the tech savvy.

Seniors in their 50s – 80s are signing up for senior dating sites at a record pace. There are many online dating websites specifically created for this age range, as well as the larger mainstream sites that have many 50 year and older singles ready to meet.

So, should you sign up for a senior dating site? or just find people on a large mainstream dating site?

One of the most common questions we get about dating online in your 50′s to 60′s is whether or not to sign up for a “niche” mature or seniors dating site. Some daters feel more comfortable in a community with similar age ranges, common interests, and types of people. There are many dating sites that specialize in small communities of like-minded people. For example you may find many mature women in cougar dating on a site like

Hobby VS Mainstream Dating Sites

There are wide ranges of dating sites you can choose from. These range from dating sites dedicated to people in the 50 plus age range, sports enthusiasts, music lovers, one night stands lover and large sites for everyone.

Positives of Niche Dating Sites – Small dating sites that are dedicated to help users meet like-minded people have their benefits and drawbacks. It can be easy to meet someone whom you have ALOT in common with. BUT, it doesn’t necessarily mean you will have a connection with a person, just because you both enjoy playing golf.

On the other hand, you may spend less time looking if every person on the site hits you perfect age range, has similar hobbies, and lives a similar lifestyle.

The negatives of these small niche dating sites are the small user base. Even though the other users on the site fit your specific criteria of whom you would like to date, there might not be many people in your local area.

You might end up paying the monthly fee, but not have access to many members close enough to meet up. Also many of the smaller dating sites might not allow you sign up for a free trial account. Many larger sites allow you access to their user base with limited features (like chat or email). You can then pay the monthly fee to contact members or gain more access to the site.

Positives of Mainstream Dating Site

The benefits of large mainstream online dating sites like Just One Night Stands or my cougar dates is that they are well proven to create successful relationships.

These dating sites spend thousands of dollars every year to constantly improve and upgrade their services to provide the best dating experience possible. They have invested a lot of money, time, and work to create personality matching questionnaires, an easy to use interactive platform, and a site that helps draw people together. For this reason, they may be well worth the monthly fee. They are big companies that have a great product that is well tested.

The user base of the sites like Just One Night Stands and my cougar dates is very large and diverse. You will most likely be able to find users with similar hobbies, ethnicities, and age ranges. Many members on the site will be local and available to meet. A large user base is one of the main benefits of using a mainstream site.

Finding other seniors in the age ranges of 50 to 60 years old will be fairly easy on a site like Just One Night Stands or my cougar dates. Thousands of new members sign up for online dating sites every year. It should be fairly easy to make a connection to other members in your age range that are close to your local area.

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