How John Branca UCLA Lectures Help Inform People About Legal Matters in the Music Industry

Have you ever been curious about how musicians protect their music with copyrights? When somebody writes a piece of music, they need to follow certain protocols to make sure others can’t illegally reproduce their content. Musicians often rely on the advice of experienced industry legal professionals to sort out the details and the fine print involved in creating music copyrights.

Write the Music

It takes a lot of raw talent and hard work to be able to write a piece of decent music. For a musician, writing music is part of who they are, and it’s an ability that only a select few people possess. When an artist is talented enough to create tunes that are good enough to make them famous, they must find a way to protect what they’ve worked so hard to create by consulting a music copyright lawyer. The actual written music itself needs a copyright to legally protect against unlawful use or reproduction.

Record the Music

Part of the process of creating music involves recording the actual track to be distributed to the public. Musicians have to find a recording company to produce their music, and there are many legal hoops to jump through just to start working in a studio. Part of copyrighting music involves giving credit to the studio or record company that produced the track or album. Lawyers negotiate terms of the contracts between the producer and the musician so there’s clear language about things like how much money each party will make.

Protect the Music

Having music copyrighted is necessary to ensure that other parties cannot claim it as their own and make money off of it. The artist possesses the raw talent to write music and to be able to record the music in a studio. Once a track is recorded for distribution, the artist will then expect to get paid each time they sell a track or album. If a song doesn’t have a copyright or if it has an expired copyright, then there’s no legal way to ensure the musician is protected against other people distributing their music.

Working with an experienced music attorney will help musicians jump through any legal hoops they encounter in the process of creating music. There’s a lot of work involved in creating music, but there’s even more labor involved in staying famous for a talented artist. Musicians need to seek the right kind of legal help.

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