5 tips for preparing your move with young children

You could be moving to a neighborhood within the city or you could be moving to a new city altogether, relocation can be equally stressful in both the cases. However, what makes things even more challenging is having kids around. When you are moving with young children, it is not just the furniture or the items that you have to manage, but it also the kids. It is even more challenging for kids to accept the changes and the transformation happening around them hence if you keep in mind the pointers below, it will become easier for you to cope with the situation.

Preparing for the big day when moving with young children

Any event that calls for a lot of organization and muscle work calls for proper preparation beforehand. Before the actual day of relocation, you must finish all the work a day before to avoid last minute surprises. Surprisingly enough, the kids play a huge role in becoming your foot soldiers and can help you finish the job because that makes them feel a part of something big. Keep in mind the following points in this regard.

  • Sit with the whole family and play the game of creating lists of all the items and preparing checklists.
  • Ask your children what they want to do and how they would get it done to assist in the relocation process.
  • Try to answer their questions because they are surely going to have a ton of them. Be patient and tell them everything about moving and how it will be good for them and the family.
  • Children can help alleviate your mood and they are very good at picking up the mood changes around them.
  • Make the whole exercise an enjoyable activity by creating maps of the house and things spread around. By transforming the packing and collecting the stuff into a treasure hunt, you might just win the battle.

What to do on the D-Day when moving with young children

After much work and stress the day has finally arrived wen you will be moving with children to a new house. Apart from the regular thing one needs for travel, given ahead is a list of items that you will need for a stress-free day as you will be prepared for anything:

  • Diapers and wipes
  • A set of clothes for each
  • First aid kit
  • Favorite Toys made handy
  • Baby food and simple snacks
  • Blankets
  • Extra pacifier
  • Soap, water and powder

Remember that your kids are even more anxious than you are about the new place. If they haven’t seen the place before it will be a bigger challenge for them hence you will have to help them adjust to the new house. Discuss with them their inhibitions and insecurities along the route, about shifting to another house and try to make them see the good that will result out of this move.

The best part is that children adjust to new places faster than adults. While moving with young children might seem stressful at first, if your whole family can come around the fact together, tings become easier. Let the children explore the new place and the neighborhood, introduce them to the neighbors and their kids, help the kids find new corners in the house that they find playful or useful.  Bedtime stories work wonders before, during and after any family relocation exercise. You can easily find story books in the local shop on the subject that will help your kids build their own versions of happy transitions and new discoveries along with getting examples of how they can be of help around the house during the whole exercise.

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