Why Is It Unsafe To Buy Instagram Followers

There is so much content on the internet that explains why it is not a good idea to buy followers on Instagram. Regardless of all the negativity against buying followers, there are still so many aspiring entrepreneurs out there who still just don’t get it. They still manage to convince themselves into buying followers to improve their influence on Instagram, but it is a high time we put this to a stop. You need to understand the risk you are running to the minute you initiate the transaction to buy real active Instagram followers. Unless you decide to remove the followers you buy, the threat they pose to your account will always remain and can get you into trouble any time.

Below are some of the issues that make it totally unsafe to buy Instagram followers for your account.

Instagram has an algorithm that detects bots and fake followers

If this isn’t the main reason why you shouldn’t buy followers then I don’t know what is. Instagram noticed that its platform was being used wrongly to buy and sell followers, likes, and comments and has taken steps to fight against this behavior. The company developed an algorithm for detecting bots quickly and suspending or deleting accounts that are involved. The algorithm bases on different metrics to differentiate fake and real followers. You will receive warning messages the minute your account starts receiving fake followers. If the activity doesn’t stop, then action is taken against your account.

Community guidelines stipulated by Instagram strictly prohibits users from buying fake followers. This action is considered fraudulent and your account can be banned permanently without any possibility of it being recovered in future. You may also have a shadowban placed on your account where your followers won’t see your posts or find them using hashtags.

So why put your account in jeopardy by trying to avoid putting in the work of gaining followers legitimately?

Inability to analyze your account’s performance

Followers that you buy are usually fake and won’t count towards your total number of followers. The presence of so many bots in your account means that you won’t be able to gauge the exact level of engagement in your account. Bots are not human beings and so they will not engage with your posts the same way that humans would do. That makes it hard to determine the real extent of your reach as a social media influencer. You also can’t gauge how many followers your account really enjoys. Thus, you can’t really know if your efforts are really paying off or not.

Fake followers impede the performance of Instagram algorithms

With so many bots in your account, Instagram algorithms work in the wrong way and end up slowing the organic growth of your account.

If those risks are not enough, then it is worth mentioning that the many bots you obtain by buying followers will never buy your products or services. They are just there and can’t make any real contribution to your growth.

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