Wholesale Custom Luxury Packaging (Rigid Boxes)

What is Rigid Box?

Rigid boxes are the most elegant packaging boxes you can find. The words also know them of “Luxury Packaging.”

And the rigid boxes offer luxury both outside and inside of the box, and that is a really big plus for some of the customers. And a lot of the businesses that are offering luxury packaging are focusing on every detail on the boxes. Also, they will do the best they can to fulfill your needs and to make the custom luxury box perfect for you.

What Custom Luxury Packaging offers?

The custom luxury packaging or rigid boxes are offering all personal freedom to create perfect custom packaging. Wholesale custom shipping packaging for rigid boxes are a massive benefit for your business, and everyone wants to get their hands on it, but only a few can afford them since they are luxury and are quite expensive.

They offer fantastic security and protection to your product. And they offer the customer that buys them a feeling of lavish packaging that is worth the money they spend.

Main Uses for rigid boxes

  • Gift Boxes
  • Transport Boxes
  • Candy Boxes
  • Chocolate Boxes
  • Storage Boxes

Rigid Boxes Customization

The rigid luxury boxes can be modified in every way; customers get luxury options on how they want their rigid box to look.

  • Multi-color printing
  • All shapes available
  • Top-Class Customizable
  • Decorations
  • Stamping, embossing, other.

They are a great solution to present some high-quality products that you want to attract a lot of customers. They are mainly used for jewelry, watches, clothing, gifts, chocolates, perfumes, and many others.

There are a lot of styles of rigid boxes, and some of them are:

Rigid Box with Magnetic Closing

This is one of the most used packaging in the e-commerce marketing the rigid box with a simple magnetic closing. It has a design that is elegant and unique and provides an excellent experience for all your customers. This is an excellent way if you have top-elite customers and are ready to spend a lot of money for your quality. You can have it customized by your needs, and you can even get glossy or matter finish, the logo of your brand embossed, and you can choose what kind of colors you like.

Be sure to check out part two because we will tell you about the other styles that a rigid box can have. Share it with your close friends and let them learn about custom luxury packaging.

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