What Is SEM & How It’s Different From SEO?

SEM is search engine marketing whereas SEO is search engine optimization. As the name suggests, SEM HK is all about taking necessary decisions to make your website popular on search engines and drive instant traffic to money pages. SEO, on the other hand, is a long-term process in which you take necessary on-page and off-page actions to make your landing page relevant to search engine algorithms so that they rank it on top of search results. Both SEM and SEO have the same long-term goal — to improve your rankings, sales, and revenue. But the basics of both these procedures are completely poles apart.

While SEM revolves around running PPC ads on Google platform to drive instant traffic to your website, SEO revolves around making changes that don’t show results immediately. Its results start to show in the long run and can get you sustainable online growth. That said, both SEM and SEO are important for your business’ online growth. Perform them yourself or hire an agency in Hong Kong that can help you with running SEM and SEO campaigns on a regular basis.

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