Things Managers Must Know About Conducting an Effective Gemba Walk

Gemba Walk, for the uninitiated, is an exercise, where managers go the actual workplace and observe work processes to find the possible scope for improvement. Gemba means ‘the real place’ in Japanese, and Gemba Walk is a part of lean management philosophy. Gemba Walk should not be confused with ‘Management By Walking Around”. The latter is just about managers going to the workplace and asking for corrective steps, if required, but on the overall level, this doesn’t really add much to the entire process. Gemba Walk, on the other hand, has a purpose, and in this post, we are discussing further on things managers must know to get the most out of it.

Rely on an app

You can use an app like Tervene to do a Gemba Walk. These apps are pretty handy for completing the process, and managers can add all the necessary notes, text, and even images and videos. Some apps are designed in a way that managers can say what they have to, and the app will note everything. Having a Gemba Walk app always comes in handy because it simplifies the process of collecting data, and the data is stored safely, so it can be used effectively when required and for the future.Avoid being intimidating

Managers also need to understand that a Gemba Walk is not about correction. It is not about asking people to change things or finding fault in the process. In fact, the level of comfort that employees and workers share with managers determines the success of such an exercise to a large extent. It is also important to ensure that the people within the workplace are well aware of the purpose of a Gemba Walk, and the actual walk shouldn’t affect the daily activities.

Things to know

Gemba Walk should be a collaborative exercise, and it must be about processes and not the people. If you are in charge of the process, make sure that there is no rush during the Gemba Walk. Managers may go in a team, but the team shouldn’t disrupt the actual work flow, because it would defeat the purpose the entire walk. This is not a onetime process, and to gain the most of it, Gemba Walks should be conducted regularly.

Gemba Walk can benefit businesses of all types, especially the ones involved in manufacturing and production. Check online now to find checklists and apps that can help better.

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