Landscape Design for your Commercial Building

A bog-standard landscape design that is 99% concrete is no longer good enough or acceptable for commercial premises of the 21st century. To refresh your memory simply search online for ‘Soviet housing’ or ‘London council estate, 1980’ and see what comes up. People are no longer willing to live or work in a place that resembles a concrete prison.

Fast forward to 2019 and there are a number of commercial landscape designers who can contribute in the creation of an environment that is both attractive and inspiring. Plants, trees and wall mounted foliage are all features of modern commercial landscape design and if you check the premises of the hi-tech super modern giants of industry you will see exactly what I mean. Creating a productive environment is essential for all business owners and this productivity can be somewhat enhanced if the environment is right. Similarly, for commercial residential buildings, no one wants to live without seeing any form of nature, and this will become evident in the uptake of apartments and condominiums. Setting aside some space for plants, shrubs, flowers and trees improves the marketability of any residential unit.

Getting Inspiration for your Commercial Landscaping Project

The best way to get some inspiration for your commercial landscaping project is to simply walk around the city and have a look. In all honesty, if you have lived in or near the area for a number of years the chances are you will have already seen something that you like the look of. If you do stumble across a commercial landscaping feature that you think might work for your own project, take some photos and pass them onto to your landscape designer to assess feasibility. In the absence of any local examples, my advice would be to go online and perform an internet search. There will be absolutely thousands of examples that would fit with a large number of different budgets.

How to Select the Right Landscape Designer?

So, you know what you’re looking for, you know your budget, the next part is finding a commercial landscaping company that can carry out the project to your specifications. Any landscaping company should have, at a bare minimum, the following attributes:

  • Extensive Commercial Landscaping Experience
  • A Fully Checkable Track Record
  • Verifiable References
  • A Registered Business and Premises

Although checking the above cannot guarantee that they are the best people for your project, it will help you narrow down your list of preferred providers. If you obtain a few quotes you will get an idea of the average price for your project, my advice would be not to opt for the lowest possible price or a quote that seems to low or too high or too low in comparison to other quotations.

By performing due diligence, you stand a much higher chance of getting the project you want done efficiently and cost effectively. Taking your time in choosing the right commercial landscaper will save you time, money and inconvenience in the future.

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