Columbia, SC: Moving There 101

Columbia, South Carolina, is one of the most interesting communities. It has a long and twisting past and is also home to affordable living, southern hospitality, and some of the best food you’ll ever taste.

When you’re ready to pick up and move to paradise on Earth, it’s important that you’re as prepared as possible. These are the top tips for anyone moving to Columbia!

1. Save More Than Necessary

Although the rule of thumb is to save for three months of expenses before you move anywhere: these days, it’s vital to stop and save a little more. Columbia houses for sale are extremely affordable, but the market is unpredictable, so if you get a home or apartment, you want to make sure you can afford it even if you have to take longer to find a job or you get fired.

If you can, try to save for five to six months of expenses so you won’t have any huge surprises pop up that you can’t afford.

2. Score a Job Early On

Get a job in the area as soon as you can. This rule doesn’t apply to anyone who works online and can telecommute from anywhere but is instead for those who want to work directly in an office in the city.

Columbia pays better than the state’s average, but compared to larger cities across the country, it can seem like you’re being underpaid. If you want to get a head start and try to score a higher-paying role, often apply as early as possible so you can get your foot in the door for a better position.

Waiting until the last second might leave you accepting a job that pays less than you deserve, which nobody wants to deal with.

3. Consider Roommates

If you’re a young professional, and this is your first foray into the world beyond your hometown, it could be a good idea to get a roommate. Even if you can afford the rent and cost of living here on your own, getting a roommate means you have someone you can socialize with and a small support network that doesn’t leave you alone in a strange new city.

Get to know this roommate before you move out here, and try to find someone you can consider a friend.

You can visit for more.

4. Pay Attention to the Market

The housing market is crazy across the entire nation, so it’s easy to think that you know what to expect from Columbia. Thankfully, things have been milder here, but it’s still a good idea to plan ahead. Housing and moving are going to be cheaper in the Winter, and in the summer, you’ll also have to deal with far more competition that could make a move stressful. Try to time it for a low-traffic season that allows you to breathe and deal with less stress.

Columbia is an Incredible City to Live In!

Whether you’re considering moving here to get a fresh start in your career or you simply want more affordable living, Columbia can be a dream come true. Keep these tips in mind, and plan as thoroughly as possible before your next move.

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