5 questions you want to ask about granite

Are you planning to transform your kitchen with the addition of a granite countertop? This simple addition to your kitchen can instantly enhance the aesthetics and sophistication of the space. However, it is a significant investment, so you must do your research well.

Granite is a popular choice when it comes to material for countertops, and with granite, you cannot go wrong as it is 100% natural stone. There are some questions that you must ask before you buy a granite countertop. You may ask these questions to the local dealer or contractor.

All that you want to know about granite


If you are considering granite countertops, questions such as those listed  below must be cropping up in your mind. Read on to understand the basics about granite:

  • Does granite get stained? Granite is slightly porous and hence is stain resistant to about 95% and requires little maintenance. Most stains that affect granite are due to liquids that spill and are allowed to sit.
  • Does granite get scratched or chips? Granite is very dense, so it is scratch resistant. However, a very high-impact blow can result in chipping.
  • Does granite need to be sealed? Sealing granite is very important. It protects it from staining and prevents the growth of microbes. When sealed properly, the countertop will stay as good as new for decades.
  • Can you cut food directly on the granite surface? Granite is tough and durable, so you can use it as a cutting surface without worrying about scratching it. However, since the surface is hard, your knives can get dull after repeated use on the surface.
  • Can I keep a hot pan on the granite countertop Granite is resistant to heat and so is popular as a kitchen countertop material. Granite will not melt, burn or blister under the effect of heat.

Questions you should ask the contractor before buying a granite countertop

Here is a list of questions you may refer to before you set out to buy a granite countertop.

  • What is the price of the slab? This is a pretty obvious question as the price is the starting point for most of the customers buying granite. Everyone wants to balance quality with affordability. You must ask for the cost of the slab and installation and fabrication charges.
  • Is the slab that you are seeing the one you will get? Every granite slab is unique as it is natural. The colour and pattern of no two slabs will be the same. Therefore, it is imperative that you check the slab that you are going to buy.
  • What type of finish will I get? Granite slabs can have different finishes like honed, leathered, and polished. Polished is the most popular finish and gives the classic shiny look to the countertop.
  • How will the sealing be done? Granite countertops need to be sealed. This is non-negotiable as no sealing can cause damage in the long run. If you don’t seal it properly, you will have to replace the slab soon. Ask about the sealing process and the cost involved. Ideally, the final quote must include the cost of sealing too.
  • Will my special requests be accommodated? Everyone has specific needs when it comes to countertops. You may be looking for a specific type of layout or a particular type of edge. Ask the contractor what kind of special requests they can accommodate so you know what to expect.

If you wish to install a granite countertop, you must find a good contractor for the job. A reliable contractor will actively participate in the decision-making and help you achieve the best results.

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